People are dying while waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine. We need a treatment now that can prevent a severe case of the virus so that patients can quickly heal. Following are just a few treatments that medical workers claim they are having major success with.

The most well know one is Hydroxychloroquine. This drug was approved by the FDA over sixty years ago and has been used by millions for Malaria and other diseases without any major side effects. The CDC initially allowed it to be used as an emergency treatment but then a study done by Surgisphere for the NIH found it to have major side effects and cause deaths.

The study was found to be fraudulent but the CDC still won’t recommend it as a treatment. Many doctors in the U.S. and other countries are still prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for themselves, patients, and health care workers and claiming success.

A Texas doctor, Richard Bartlett, has been treating patients with an inexpensive steroid injected directly into the lungs using a nebulizer, and with the addition of an antibiotic and zinc claims a 100% success rate.

Some countries are now successfully using plasma with antibodies from patients who have recovered from the virus to treat Covid-19.

Doctors in Australia are now fighting the virus using a drug called Ivermectin, an FDA approved drug currently being used for parasitic infections. It prevents the virus protein from attacking cells.

These and other drugs being considered should be given a higher priority than the vaccines.

Brian Blue

St. Simons Island

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