Yes, Mr. Thigpen, I am deeply troubled about the Democrats trying to take down the America that we have fought for over two hundred years to earn, as you pointed out in your March 3 letter. We have a constitution and should live by it and not keep trying to change it.

About gun control: I think I read that the reason the Japanese didn’t come on in to the Pacific coast of the U.S. after their success of Dec. 7, 1941, in Pearl Harbor is that one of their generals told them that those Americans have guns and plenty of them, of all kinds. I still don’t agree that we all need to have bazookas, et cetera. but your Democrats keep harping on guns and not the nuts who have them illegally.

You sound like an educated and honorable man, but how can you admit publicly that you are a Democrat and liberal with all the corruption that they are pushing?

I believe that you would turn in any assault weapon you own because that’s on the Democrats’ agenda.

Please start placing your effort on trying to weed out the nuts, misfits and many other malcontents that many in your party seem to be backing.

Let’s turn back to Christianity, decency, morality and brotherly love.

Bob Tatum


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