What offensive and untrue comments from Ginny Hall, chair of the Glynn County Republican party. Reported to have been made at their at their meeting this past Saturday, I was disgusted to read in Monday’s Brunswick News about the verbal attack on those who do not share her viewpoint.

Ms. Hall states, “I think it’s freedom versus socialism and communism.” Freedom is at risk now with our current president. He is against the free press and against free speech. He is making every effort to silence anyone who disagrees with him. And think about it, without affordable health care, all the freedom in the world will not help a person with health issues!

Ms. Hall also states “It’s religion versus immoral, terrible stuff.” The “immoral, terrible stuff” is already in power. I certainly know of no Christian religion that approves of adultery, lying, taking children away from their parents, or any one of the dishonest, corrupt situations Trump and/or his associates are involved in.

“Think about what the president has done” is another statement attributed to Ms. Hall. OK, I’m thinking about divisiveness and chaos he has created in our country and throughout the world, the international partnerships and friendships that he has destroyed, and the countless lies he has told. He contradicts his own statements constantly.

It is time to become the United States again and end the type of untrue, inflammatory comments that we are hearing so often. By the way, I voted for Trump, but he’s a big disappointment.

Susan Molnar


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