In the near future one million plants and animals will become extinct due to loss of habitat and environment changes. More people than ever are living in fear and have food insecurity. People are fleeing poor and violent countries in hopes of finding a secure place to live. More than a million people a year enter our southern border illegally, and most come from countries that have high growth rates and unfortunately bring those reproductive practices with them.

All of these crises have one root cause, exponential population growth. We can’t improve the efficiency of food and energy production and handling wastes fast enough to keep up with this growth. We along with the rest of the world are also depleting our aquifers.

There is only one solution to these crises, negative population growth. There seemed to be a global concern about this problem in the 80’s, but it hasn’t been addressed since. Why not? Since then the global population has grown from 4.9 billion to 7.7 billion and every one of these additional humans need land, water, consumes, and generates waste.

The impact is becoming critical in the US and we are starting to feel the strain. Our plant and animal habitat is shrinking due to the increasing amount of land needed to provide services for this expanding population.

If there isn’t a global effort to control population growth soon our country will become so overpopulated we won’t have the needed resources regardless of how efficiently we manage them.

Brian Blue

St. Simons Island

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