The Brunswick News should change its name to The Conservative Opinion. I’m tired of opening to the Commentary section and seeing nothing but biased op-eds masquerading as political analyses filled with one-sided half-truths and outright lies.

Erick Erickson claims that “Only 18 percent of Americans favor abortion on demand”, conveniently leaving out that 58 percent of Americans think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, according to Pew. He claims most Americans oppose gun confiscations, then lied by saying “many Democrats on (the debate) stage advocated exactly that.”

In reality, no Democrat supported confiscations, although a few supported buy-backs, and 71 percent of Americans support stricter gun reform, according to Marist.

Perhaps his most laughable claim was that Trump is more understanding of blue-collar America than Democrats: the billionaire who stacked his Cabinet with his billionaire donors and then gave $2 trillion in tax cuts to even more billionaires is somehow more in tune with working class Americans than Julian Castro, grandson of poor immigrants; Liz Warren, who could barely afford college but went on to create the Consumer Protection agency; or Kamala Harris, who was bussed to desegregate schools in Oakland.

It also slips his mind that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and barely won the electoral college by thousands of votes in four states.

If The Brunswick News wants any journalistic credibility, it needs a diverse array of opinions and a ban on articles spewing untrue, one-sided drivel.

Jordan Spires

St. Simons Island

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