Climate change is coming to our doorstep. We were lucky here with another close call with Hurricane Dorian. Many were not so lucky. This hurricane showed the good, bad, and ugly, when it comes to storms, the environment, and our government.

The good: Our weather agencies did the best they could at forecasting. People could get warnings ahead of time to prepare. Our communities were ready as they could be for what might come. People are helping each other after the storm.

The bad: Too much complaining by editorialists and in letters to the editor about what Democrats want for people has distorted what our government should or shouldn’t do. That seems to change after a major storm and GOP representatives ask for federal help. Where are the complaints from critics about people asking for free stuff when the GOP are asking for free money? People will continue to deny climate change too.

The ugly: The GOP will continue to attack the EPA and other agencies that work to protect the environment.

Trump made a wrong assertion about the storm and stuck to it, and even asked other agencies to cover for him. Trump is also trying to take credit for saving people in the Bahamas.

Legislators need to stop the games and get to work. Critics of climate change and what the government should or shouldn’t do need a reality check.

Sometimes we need to help our fellow Americans, and our neighbors. Many will need help after this storm.

Jerry Dagen

St. Simons Island

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