I want to publicly thank Georgia U.S. Sen. David Perdue for voting against the recently passed omnibus $1.3 trillion budget-busting bill. Sen. Perdue continues to represent Georgia well with his consistent common sense conservative leadership. Unlike other politicians who campaign as conservatives only to defy conservative principals with their actions and votes, he has remained steady and true to his principles.

Unfortunately, Sen. Perdue stood alone for Georgia’s 1st District in his opposition to this obscenely priced spending bill. Both Sen. Johnny Isakson and Rep. Buddy Carter, R-1, acted against their campaign positions and, I would venture, against the will of the majority of their constituents in the 1st District. It was more of the same last-minute voting on thousands of pages of new spending that no one even had time to read.

What we do know is that liberal causes such as Planned Parenthood got millions of dollars in funding. How can you claim to be pro-life and then vote to fund the abortion industry? Wouldn’t that alone be enough to oppose such a bill? Is that good for the 1st District?

It is easy to go along with the crowd and vote for anything that comes down the pipe no matter how much it stinks. It is much more difficult to stand against the prevailing wind and stand on principle. For that I again commend Sen. Perdue. His is an example of leadership that is good for Georgia and another glimmer of hope for better governance.

Phil Lott

Chairman of the Charlton County Republican Committee

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