We have seen a miraculous chain of events occur from 2010 until now, after Sea Island Company fell into bankruptcy, many losing their jobs. Ancillary businesses shuttered people moved away.

Ownership has since changed but somehow this wonderful, historic company found its way into the stewardship of another family. A family that has poured back into our community in a very similar manner as the Jones family did for 80 plus years.

During this time, jobs have come back, people have returned. Businesses new and old thrive as a result of the stability created in large part by one of, if not the largest, private employers in our community. The amount of money spent by Sea Island is nothing short of staggering. Over $250 million in reinvestment alone after the purchase of the company.

That’s just the icing on the cake because not only has Sea Island bet on themselves, they have bet on Glynn County. They have made enormous charitable gifts to countless organizations, schools, hospitals, churches, the land trust and others.

We as a community are truly blessed to have such a wonderful place to call home, and we are truly blessed to have a steward of our community and this area like the Sea Island Company. We should take great pride in knowing we have a community partner like Sea Island.

I don’t understand why a vocal few choose to criticize and miscast Sea Island as a corporate villain? Have they already forgotten the past? Having spent my entire life here, I know I speak for thousands in our community and across this great state when I say “Thank You Sea Island” for helping make our community what it is.

Trey Brunson

St. Simons Island

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