I have been a teacher for longer than vanity will allow me to admit and seen many things that made me proud to be an educator. But the way I saw my peers and superiors handle that emergency yesterday filled me with pride.

Yes, it was scary, but I saw us do exactly what should be done in record time. I saw teachers putting students out of harm’s way immediately and reassuringly. I sat in the dark with my students hiding behind a podium and wondered what was happening outside of my classroom.

Do you want to know what was happening? Educators who are professionals acted swiftly and with no concern for their own safety, only the safety of our children, as they did whatever it took to keep students safe and calm. Amidst the nauseatingly constant steam of criticism of our schools and teachers, this should shut the mouths of many who seek only to critique that which they know nothing about. We, as educators, take our jobs seriously and most of us would take a bullet for your child. Yesterday proved that.

It’s time to trust us and know those that chose this profession did so for the right reasons, and we need to be supported and trusted to do our jobs. Get behind us, and not with a knife aimed at our backs. I see what goes on at Glynn Academy daily, and I am proud of us and the work we do. You should be, too.

Layne Weaver


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