Among the parade of accusations brought against our president for everything he says, or does or does not say, or does not do is the aforementioned Letter to the Editor from last Thursday’s edition of the paper. The writer insists there are two possible conclusions to the president’s proclamation “He knows more about technology than anybody,” one being he’s delusional and the other he’s a liar.

I suggest another possibility. He knows what he’s talking about having been briefed by multiple experts on all of the technical possibilities available at the border. When he said he knows more about technology, he wasn’t talking about installing his stereo, he was referring to his education on border technology.

So, being our president, give him the benefit of the doubt, please. Instead of making the ludicrous statement that he’s delusional or a liar. In this case, take him at his word.

AJ Berry Jr.

St. Simons Island

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