I have three suggestions that will improve traffic flow in Glynn County.

1. The new Frederica/Kings Way roundabout is working even better than expected. The problem is traffic leaving the island now backs up at the Gateway roundabout. This is due to traffic backing up from the Sea Island Road light and blocking the Brunswick exit, making it hazardous for drivers to merge into the roundabout to access the left lane. If the Brunswick turn lane was extended about 150 feet it would help prevent that backup.

2. The amount of traffic on Demere and exiting from Skylane has increased. Drivers trying to exit onto Demere are experiencing increasing waits and sometimes are squeezed onto the berm to make a right turn. Sometimes drivers in front of you don’t use their turn signal so pulling onto the berm can be a problem if both vehicles are turning right. It would be very inexpensive to install about a 50 foot long left turn lane on Skylane.

3. I have lived here for decades and sometimes still forget which lane to get into at the intersections of Altama or Altama Connector and Spur 25. The turn arrows are on the road and real close to the intersection so it’s usually covered by cars. It would be nice if the county could run cables across these side roads to support direct signs.

Our population will continue to grow and so will the traffic. Any improvements will help to make it flow faster and safer.

Brian Blue

St. Simons Island

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