On Friday, The Brunswick News ran an AP article by Laurie Kellman titled “Ford says her attacker was Kavanaugh.” The article was a chronicle of the story told by Dr. Christine Ford, an associate of George Soros. I don’t know whether Dr. Ford was telling the truth or not, and I am equally sure that Ms. Kellman does not know. What I do know is that press reports are available that Ms. Kellman ignored. So, unfortunately, did The Brunswick News.

First, the reader needs to know that Dr. Ford refused to come to Washington, D.C., a week earlier because she is “afraid of flying.” At the hearing she was forced to acknowledge that she flies regularly, to Hawaii, Costa Rica, the South Pacific Islands and to French Polynesia.

Second, the reader needs to know the partiers that Dr. Ford identified at the “event”, were P. J. Smyth, Mark Judge and her “good friend” Leland Ingham Keyser. Unfortunately for Dr. Ford, they all denied attending the party.

So, in light of the Kavanaugh hearings — the character assassination, the utterly uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct when he was a youth and the utter disregard for basic common sense and fairness — we need to pause.

The anger and suffering of both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh had the same just cause —the disgusting perfidy of Senate Democrats. The party of the left has shown there is no calumny it will not retail, no false uncorroborated allegation it will not use to whip up ideological passion.

Jeff Kilgore


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