Hitler burned books. Today the historically impaired destroy statues.

So the enlighten crowd had their say and way. The Confederate statue in Hanover square must go. I don’t recall anything disparaging being said about that solemn soldier, standing atop his post since 1902, until recently. Seems like they must have heard that a war was fought over slavery. I’ve poured out a lot of my 85 years reading about that incident, and I must have missed that part.

In this trendy new rampage, it doesn’t seem to matter what statues are defaced or destroyed. Confederate statues are not alone. There have been incidents where Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant, Columbus and others have tumbled. Even Mt. Rushmore is in their sights. And it’s no secret that Stone Mountain is an irresistible target.

When will it end? Who knows? Maybe when there is nothing left of American history as we’ve known it through the ages, and those people can rebuild according to their own manifesto.

When British General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown, the British band played “World turned upside down.” Today might be a good time to revisit that tune.

Tom Scott


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