Star Parker’s column “Three cheers for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos” is shocking. Are these “Christian” values the same supported by the backers of Trump — the amoral, racist, bigot that lied and conned his way to become the illegitimate president?

Devos, as most if not all of Trump’s cabinet, bought her way in. She was and is completely unqualified to be the head of public education. She sent her kids to private charter schools. Why? (To avoid mixing with minorities and other “low lifes.”)

Star obviously shares her “Christian” values: anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant, anti-black, brown, Muslim, etc. So here we are with a Russian-backed, lying, con man and his mafia-type administration running our country into the ground.

I’ll cheer, maybe even three times, when Devos is run out of office or arrested like many of her associates. Apparently, “Christians” are OK with all of this, if so I’m glad to not be a “Christian.”

I believe in honesty, treating all people with respect and as a military veteran, I did not have the luxury or motivation to avoid being in the military, with a fake bone spur, contrived by my daddy and his doctor friend. Devos, like her boss, is an embarrassment.

Frank Smith


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