The give and take in the BNP has had some great letters about the poorly planned money pit being dug by some city leaders. Spending what you don’t have is a very bad idea, especially when there are so many real needs for plugging the tank traps (pot holes).

Even the section of Altama Avenue in front of Brunswick High, which was laid not too long ago, rides like a washboard bump.

This Pig-in-a-Poke reminds me of the Obama Gang along with Just Joe, earmarked about a trillion dollars for shovel ready jobs.

Later, they stood on stage laughing, saying we guess there are no shovel-ready jobs. Nothing got done, but the money disappeared. Where did it go? Probably it went where the boat-load of money they ear-marked for the electric car fiasco; after the expensive building was built it just sat there. Another hole that money could not fill.

Seriously, the more we learn through The News, the people involved seem to be making a very well paid job for himself or themselves. We are not the U.S. Treasury. Our tax money is not a big pile of “What in the H” can we spend this money just lying around.

The roads are fine and the police and firefighters don’t need a living wage. After all they are just putting their life on the line everyday they go to work so why worry about them.

I say let us worry and thank them for a job well done.

L.J. Vsetecka


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