SPLOST 2016 generously allocated $1.5 million toward the flawed premise that only a brand new shelter in a new location would be adequate to address the needs of Glynn County Animal Control and the animals in its care.

The idea that a new building would somehow reduce the population of stray, surrendered, abused and abandoned animals was put forth by advocates of the new construction, with very little thought to what could be done sooner and with less money.

The shelter was in use in 2016 and is still in use today, was built in 2001, on donated land and in a highly visible and well traveled location. The proposed location for the “new” shelter is a cul-de-sac west of I-95 with very little local traffic and consequently fewer potential animal adopters.

Spending the available, very substantial SPLOST funds wisely would improve and upgrade the current structure in a fiscally responsible way. To wait for discovery of a source for an additional 2 million or more dollars only extends the three years the animals, staff and community have been waiting.

Stabilizing, upgrading and improving the existing shelter will accomplish more beneficial results sooner and will remain within the very generous 2016 SPLOST budget.

The plan to improve the lives of the stray animals of Glynn County, the working conditions of the staff and the comfort and safety of visitors should be of more importance than building something new and shiny.

Barbara Sancomb

Jekyll Island

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