I attended the April 5 board of commissioner’s meeting at which the special use permit application for an event venue on the north end of St. Simons Island was heard.

The abject ignorance and incompetence of the board could not have been more evident. Here are the deficiencies of the application:

• It violates the Comprehensive Plan for SSI.

• It violates the Land Use Plan for SSI.

• It violates Section 704.1 of the county zoning ordinance, which states the following :

Discourage any encroachment by premature housing developments, scattered commercial and/or industrial operations, or other uses capable of adversely affecting the basic agricultural or open character of the district.

• The BOC considered the applicant’s request for a transfer of a previously approved variance to allow single family septic sewer systems granted in 2013.

Let’s consider that last item. The previously approved variance was granted to an applicant who submitted a preliminary plat for a subdivision development of single family homes — in 2013.

The applicant didn’t apply for a variance for a septic system. What kind of fool does it take to think you can put a septic system capable of accommodating as many as 250 guests in a single night 25 feet from the marsh? Not to mention what possible affect the system might have on the water table for surrounding residents.

The Islands Planning Commission had rejected this application twice!

But somehow, the county staff submitted a recommendation for approval. And the commissioner geniuses voted 6-1 to approve this special-use permit. Thank God for Bob Coleman.

Jeff Kilgore

St. Simons Island

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