Traveling south on I-95, I noticed the destruction of all of the foliage in the center island. The reason is that the Georgia Department of Transportation is doing it due to fallen trees blocking the road during tropical storms and to reduce fatal accidents.

Statistics show that most fatalities are the result of motorists going off the road and hitting trees. Articles I read also state that this devastation will continue on I-95 to the South Carolina state line.

The residents in Camden Country were caught completely off guard. The GDOT gave them no advanced warning and didn’t request any input from them before the work started. Once they found out why and protested the GDOT offered to spend a few million to replace the existing foliage with grass and wild flowers.

The residents that lived nearby complained that the loss of this buffer increased the noise level significantly. One resident commented that now a driver can cross the island and run into oncoming traffic on the other side.

I think our country residents need to be aware of this while there is still time to provide input. They should also compare the beauty of the existing buffer of trees and palmettos with the ugliness of the stripped section. I have seen barriers that can prevent cars from going off the road. These look much better than a bare island.

Is this why the state government added new imbedded taxes for road improvements, to spend it on projects that no one wants?

Brian Blue

St. Simons Island

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