Stories about people such as Andrew Yang moving to Georgia just to vote and organize opposition to our existing senators are deeply troubling. Georgia’s well- intended election and registration laws can, unfortunately, be easily exploited. It is certainly not the intent of these laws to allow activists to swoop in for an election and then conveniently move back to California or New York after they get the result they want.

And what do they want? Control of the Senate so they can implement drastic changes. The changes might benefit people like long-time Democratic pundits and those making money off the China trade, but I believe they will hurt America in the long run. U.S. taxpayers will go back to subsidizing much of the world through such organizations as the World Health Organization. We will suffer from a weaker border and immigration policy, and re-entry into the Paris Climate Accord will harm American industry while doing nothing to curb emissions in China.

An emboldened China and Iran will present a larger threat to American interests and friendly nations than they do today. Tax increases will inhibit private sector investment, entrepreneurial activity, and real job growth.

We need as many actual Georgia residents as possible to vote in the upcoming Jan. 5, 2021, runoff to offset votes from modern-day carpetbaggers and other possibly fraudulent votes.

Rich Salo


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