On Sept. 8, Sea Palms West homeowners overwhelmingly approved the purchase of the 9-hole West golf course from the Sea Palms Resort and convert it into a lovely green space.

This was a brave effort spearheaded by the board of the Sea Palms West Homeowners Association, led by Mikes Clark. The course had been virtually abandoned, and was up for sale. Developers with deep pockets were ready to fill the 45+ acre parcel with lots of high density housing, which our county commission most certainly would have facilitated, given its dismal track record.

To its credit, the resort gave the HOA enough time to secure a loan (thanks to BB&T) and gain homeowners’ approval for the purchase. Congratulations to the homeowners, who were willing to invest personally in this green space, to the HOA Board for their amazing job organizing the effort, and to island residents who care about preserving the beauty and tranquillity of our environment.

Karin Mills

St. Simons Island

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