One of my favorite memories over the past 40 years has been watching the kids and parents cruising on the Frederica Road sidewalks. So many people use it as their walking trail with their dogs and their children. That will end if commissioners attempt to force a roundabout on it.

What a shame community members invested several million dollars to buy the Old Stables property and Mr. T.L. Cain donated Twitty Park to the citizens of Glynn County in 1924, almost 100 years ago. In my opinion, when citizens donate or purchase land for the beautification of an area, it is sacred property.

The current county commissioners seem to consider a road more important than a unique way of life and appear to have discarded the better option of traffic signals and turn lanes, which function better in heavy traffic than a roundabout.

One of the reasons the 2020 SPLOST was defeated was that we did not want our dollars spent on a roundabout at this location. So commissioners quietly brought it up at a work session.

Citizens, please do your part in helping to overcome this roundabout disaster and tell commissioners you want to study all options for this intersection and have open and meaningful public hearing and input.

Sandra Turbidy

Sea Island

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