I think most of the county commissioners deserve praise for their work. You could say they are also city councilmen for St. Simons, Sea Island and other nearby populated areas. St. Simons Island might be the largest populated area in the U.S. without a mayor or city council.

It is my intent to vote for SPLOST if it will be guaranteed that the streets in Sea Palms will be paved again after 30 years. I think Sea Palms residents have paid enough taxes. SPLOST organizers must correct the odor coming from the sewage line near the Sea Island and Frederica roads intersection. The nauseating odor is awful at times for those who live here and the tourists. Some people blame it on Sea Island sewage. Others say that this problem was caused years ago by the JWSC agreeing to handle the sewage from Sea Island. If all of this is true maybe they can share the cost of correcting the situation. St. Simons is a wonderful place to live and visit, but we must make it better by planning for future growth and reducing traffic congestion while retaining its charm.

We also need to consider combining the Glynn County Sheriff’s Department with the Glynn County Police Department. How many counties have both? A good organizer would be needed.

Maybe our congressman, governor and U.S. senators can help us get a second bridge from Brunswick to St. Simons Island.

Guess I am dreaming, but I want pavement at Sea Palms and less odor.

Douglas Sharp

St. Simons Island

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