In response to Mr. Kroop’s April 12 letter regarding coal ash legislation that I worked extremely hard to pass for the past two years, I fully agree that public notification of coal ash pond drainage after it has begun is far from ideal. I certainly welcome specific suggestions from Mr. Kroop, or any of your readers, on a better path to pass much-needed coal ash legislation.

Did Mr. Kroop write or call our state’s leadership during the 2018 session in support of my coal ash legislation? If so, I do not recall seeing it.

I am already working on coal ash legislation that I plan to introduce at the beginning of the 2019 session, with the goal of moving the legislation quickly through the process early in the session. What I need Mr. Kroop to do, and all of your readers who agree that coal ash is a serious issue for our state, is to write and call the governor, the speaker of the house, and the lieutenant governor urging them to help me pass this important legislation. I might also suggest that Mr. Kroop go back and read the many articles The News published about my two-year effort to pass meaningful coal ash legislation. I do not give up easily on important issues and am hard at work in preparation for 2019. Thank you.

Rep. Jeff Jones

St. Simons Island

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