Looking back at the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalda, were these events preventable? Absolutely. Here’s how:

One, the shooters announced their intentions beforehand. The solution: treat this person like we would if someone threatened the life of President Biden or to blow up a federal building. Get him off the streets. Arrest him. Lock him up. Dangerous people need to be removed from the streets. They don’t deserve the same rights as good, law-abiding citizens.

Two, give up some civil liberties. Sorry, ACLU or other privacy advocates, but we need to step up surveillance on suspects. This requires cooperation from data banks and the ability to retrieve information and communication. Much of Google, Facebook and a multitude of apps have encryption that protects the content of the message.

Three, deny publicity and notoriety. These murderers crave this, and it can be denied with the help of media. No names or photos should be used. News outlets can get together on this for the common good.

Finally, a really simple one that was used by airports in the fight against terror: “If you see something, say something.” We need to be alert and report suspicious behavior and threatening conversations that alarms us.

These murderers should be treated like what they are: terrorists. Having a total ban on guns might make us feel good about having done something, but it doesn’t prevent these tragedies. Difficult as this is to do, think this through on an unemotional level.

Al Brown

St. Simons Island

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