With your kind permission I would like to comment on some recent news.

I have followed all of the views of all of the blind describing the elephant, of area development, in the past weeks. Mr. Jim Frasche’s letter of Jan. 5 gets my vote for best encapsulating a fair view of the beast. Ergo, at best, I envision a six-legged whale floundering in the sound, tangled in a net of bureaucracy, smothering in territorialism.

Referencing the vitriol published in The Washington Post by Sen. Mitt Romney concerning Pres. Donald Trump, what we have here are natural enemies found in the wide ranging social divisions of America. Mitt’s observations of Donald are the product of a properly raised, Midwest, Mormon lad viewing a product of the mean streets of upper crust New York City. Even though they are on the same team, and ride the same bus toward the same goals, they will continue to spit on each other.

This good ole Southern boy finds them both to be “interesting people,” and I would like to wish them both well and “bless their hearts.”

Bob Hilton


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Fire gutted a vacant house shortly before 11 a.m. Friday, leaving fire crews working hard through noon to extinguish the flames and make sure they did not spread to nearby trees or the neighboring business.

This past week, I received a telephonic Robo Call from someone stating he represented the Glynn County Republican Party. There surely must be a parallel universe with a similar name since that call was nothing but false accusations and lies about ESPLOST 3.