I still wonder why the city continues to push the footbridge access to Glynn Middle School for students who must walk, especially with the latest heightened security issues. Even though the majority of students use Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, a handful of students continue to walk Lanier Boulevard. The city and One Hundred Miles seem to feel that a third access over a ditch is the answer for these students who will not obey the rules.

The proposed two-block path begins at Prince Street, continues one block on Johnston Street and Bon Air Avenue to access GMS. Just what the city needs — another disconnected sidewalk. What about students walking north of Prince Street?

There is flooding on Bon Air during king tides and heavy rains, and the area near the footbridge is secluded. The footbridge will not serve the majority of students who must walk. Monies saved could be used to construct a pedestrian path from Gloucester to GMS on MLK. There are no flooding issues nor is there any secluded areas on MLK and the City owns the adjacent green space. What an opportunity for our City.

To abolish the three-block ditch would also benefit the Habersham Park area. There is no need for the ditch to be there at all. It could be piped and covered. Nearby homes in Habersham Park are still uninhabitable from the flooding of this tidally influenced ditch during Irma. The footbridge is not the answer. Wake up city before it’s too late.

Kathy Matthews


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