After reading last week’s article regarding the shooting in Satilla Shores, I believe many of the community members are even more frustrated and confused as to why no charges have been brought upon the McMichaels. The police report itself clearly reads that that Ahmaud Arbery was not the aggressor, was not in the act or commission of a crime, and still, these two men acted on a suspicion, jumped in their truck with their guns, and chased him down — ultimately killing him because he did not comply to their request to stop because they “just wanted to talk.” I cannot think of a single person who would not be fearful for their life if two men were chasing them in a truck with guns and wanted to stop and talk. Our justice systems has to step up and do the right thing here.

No one, not even a former investigator for the DA’s office, is above the law.

Savannah Glider


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