A great collection of really good “Letters to the Editor” in the Jan. 13 edition of The News. In response to one of your “letter” contributors, allow me to provide a definition, and synonyms, for the word I frequently use to describe our island’s demise as a result of the recent years of development on St. Simons Island. Ambiance: “The totality of surrounding conditions and circumstances affecting growth or development.” Some pertinent synonyms are atmosphere, aura, character, feeling, impression, Quality.

Of course, it is obvious that development affects more that just road infrastructure, and if the data I received from the county in 2018 becomes reality, there will be a Population increase of about 12,000 people (60 percent increase) if the present zoning is not changed — probably 8,000 more vehicles, etc, etc.

That kind of new development will destroy any, and all, semblance of St. Simons ambiance (by any definition). To my ancient brain, the only real solution is to significantly increase the number of “good” paying jobs on the mainland, so as to make the mainland economically sustainable, and therefore not dependent on future increased island property taxes for the mainland’s future economic survival.

Don Daleen

St. Simons Island

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