Editor’s Note: The following letter is written as a rebuttal to a letter and therefore is not subject to the four-week policy. This will be the only rebuttal allowed.

This is an open reply to attorney Daisy Cook’s response posted online on April 15 to my Letter to the Editor posted online on April 13 regarding the Sapelo Island federal lawsuit and its coverage in The Brunswick News on April 8, 2021.

I invite Daisy Cook, writer Terry Dickson and others interested in the topic to participate in a two-day public forum, at a future date and on Sapelo Island, for civil and collegial discussion of her proposition, and I paraphrase, that White Folk Have Done Enough to Make Amends for what we can all now agree was the evil institution of slavery.

To participate, each guest should come well-prepared having already read the acclaimed best-selling book “Caste”, by Isabel Wilkerson (explaining the pervasive impact of slavery on present-day American society); and any book-length work that Ms. Cook shall propose that expands on her proposition White Folk Have Done Enough to Make Amends.

Problem is, I can’t find attorney Daisy Cook of Lawrenceville (who curiously misspells summary judgment as “summery judgment”) as she is not listed in the Georgia State Bar’s Online Member Directory by that name and that city. My own Google search for her law practice, by that name and city, however flawed, also came up dry. For that reason, I’m making this public invitation, which I trust that Daisy Cook will read in your Letters column.

Andrew Desmond


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