I feel a pause is needed in reference to the removal of the Confederate memorial statue in Hanover Square. In one perspective, the monument is a direct tribute to the dedication of the Ladies Memorial Association of Brunswick who for 15 years raised the money through cups of lemonade and pieces of cake to erect a monument honoring their fathers, husbands, and sons who left for war.

Of the original 1,100 men of their Georgia regiment, only 85 returned, reflected in the soldier’s gaze and posture. It is our history whether we agree with it or not but only tells half the story. Slavery, in all its savage cruelty and inhumane practices, seems unimaginable to society today. But this story needs to be told, remembered and never repeated on American soil. Can we come up with a solution for everyone better than destroying our historical statuary? We have no indoor museum but we do have outstanding “outdoor museums” all along the pocket parks of Newcastle.

Hanover Square is an excellent place to tell the Brunswick civil war story. I feel moving the Confederate soldier down to ground level is warranted. Erecting an equal sized second memorial to Captain Risley and a black Union infantryman perhaps with educational signs explaining the hardships of slavery and full scope of the conflict is another idea. Brunswick has the opportunity to make the national news with a good story of love, tolerance and co-acceptance.

Sandra Colhard


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