Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has done an impressive job running the election, despite complications from the coronavirus and implementing the use of new voting equipment and system for the first time. When problems arose, his office was able to identify and correct the causes quickly.

Unlike 2018, there were no controversies about voter registration lists or accusations of election tampering. Challenges to ballot counting since Nov. 3 have failed in the courts for lack of evidence.

Secretary Raffensperger, along with Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, has shown themselves to be men of integrity and competence despite accusations by some parties of fraud and incompetence. I have full trust that this election has been conducted fairly and professionally.

Because of their unfounded claims and calling for the resignation of Secretary Raffensperger, I will not be voting for either Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue for Senate. I expect our elected leaders to show the same integrity and competence as our Secretary of State and Lt. Governor, even when events don’t turn out the way they want.

For those who believe that our system of voting is rigged or that the other party has somehow managed to “steal” an election, stay home and don’t vote. If you don’t want to accept the results, stay home.

I didn’t serve this country for 20 years just to watch you want to tear it apart and remake it to your liking. Stop supporting demagogues and start supporting people who want to do the job.

Mark Hartry


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