Santa Claus visited Glynn County a little early this year and just in the nick of time. The headline declaring the Conference Center project dead gave us sweet dreams of fiscal responsibility and due diligence fulfilled.

While we are all gratefully sipping eggnog and munching on gingerbread cookies, we need to look a little closer at the tragedy that almost transpired.

This boondoggle was doomed from the get-go. Expensive feasibility studies showed that this venture would be a prohibitively expensive and losing proposition for many years. Those studies should have served as a red flag that this idea was a bad one. Instead it looks as if that paper was tossed into the trash, and it was full steam ahead with Mayor Harvey seeming to turn a deaf ear to any talk of stepping back and looking at this as possibly not being in the best interest of our citizens’ money.

Sometimes that loud, incessant drumbeat we hear is the proverbial voice of sound reasoning and we need to learn to listen instead of tuning it out.

Thank you, Brunswick News, for giving us a factual, insightful timeline on the development of this issue and conducting a poll which showed overwhelming opposition to the center.

Drumm said the city could pay the $360,000 annual debt service if the center was built without raising taxes and fees. Great news! Take that money and put it to good use on projects citizens actually need.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

Thomas Goodrich


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