Hats off to the various teams with Unified Command for their painstaking approach to removing the capsized car carrier from the Brunswick sound. This has been a challenge like no other and filled with unexpected difficulties. Their ongoing sensitivity to environmental issues has been appreciated, even when it has slowed down their removal efforts.

Kudos too to writer Larry Hobbs and your other staff for keeping us all well-informed along the way. Your extensive inclusion of pictures in your online editions has been enormously helpful in understanding the enormity of this task.

I have been following this story closely, over the last two years. My hat is off to everyone involved. Particularly the folks who jumped in at the beginning and rescued all 24 members of the crew, no matter how hard it was or how long it took. And the staff at the hospital who cared for them after their rescue.

You are all heroes in my book.

Rafe Semmes


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