We (our community) can do better — much better. Whereas the attendance for the Veterans Day ceremony Saturday morning at the new Veterans Memorial Park was good, it was in my opinion not good enough. Our fellow citizens who have fought for and died for our freedom deserve a better acknowledgement than was given to them.

I do believe that the solution to this unacceptable situation rests on each of us individually. However, as I surveyed the crowd, it seemed to me that the educational and spiritual influences of our community were not well-represented.

With our schools having thousands of students, many who participate in ROTC programs and all who have history classes, why weren’t there more students and teachers at the Memorial Day event? And, what a grand opportunity for musical groups to play some patriotic pieces.

In referencing our spiritual leaders, let me say to them that our community needs you. As we teach the scriptures and pray for our military, it would be well that we also evidence our appreciation by attending memorial services for those military warriors.

Wank Davis

St. Simons Island

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