Rude, crude, lewd — these are the attributes of the person your newspaper endorses to represent the United States of America for the next four years. Didn’t these last four hurt our nation enough?

We used to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We used to look for moral fiber in representation. We were looked upon to represent truth and honesty and, yes, remember, ‘the American way!’ It meant something. Now all we care about is the economy and getting rich. We were better than this.

We pulled together as a nation when we were attacked on Pearl Harbor and on 9/11. Now, 230,000 of us have died from a pandemic that is being ignored by the man in the White House.

And some of us refuse to accept this number because of the constant lies that stream from the White House. Lies, so many of them on all different subjects, that we have become immune to them.

Hopefully, I will be able to, again, hold my head up high and, say I am an American and be proud, but it will never take place if your endorsement gives him four more years. You should be ashamed. One of your editors made this decision, obviously at the very last moment, to endorse him. A number of your Republicans have found the moral fiber to stand against him. Too bad you are lacking that moral fiber.

The man is not presidential. The man is a showman. Wake up America. The emperor has no clothes.

Pat Livingston


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