After reading a Letter to the Editor published on Oct. 17 by Wright Culpepper, I must point out his questionable opinion. As a devout Christian since birth, it causes me to wonder how authentic their values are when it comes to our nation’s leaders.

I would like to first point out that there are some presidential candidates who brazenly support abortion and pro-choice as a solution to unplanned pregnancies. As God’s people, how could they sit back and not express an opinion on the candidates who approve and endorse the breaking of the sixth commandment?

There are some contenders for the position of leading our country who have expressed their beliefs in the past, one example is Ron Paul who was pro-life and proudly flaunted his Christian doctrine.

In the Bible, we are asked to fill the earth with the gospel of the kingdom and that starts with endorsing candidates who follow the ideas our Christian foundation is built on. I understand the acceptance and love of all people and opinions in the church, but we are to support leaders who follow the same principles as our Lord and savior.

Hannah Williams


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