I am not counting, but it seems that The News is allowing Tony Baker to violate its allowable number of times to ventilate per month. Perhaps this is to even the playing field for those letters from reasoned people who know that this country is in deep trouble due to philosophies espoused by confused and blinded readers and Democrat cheerleaders like Mr. Baker. (Editor’s Note: Mr. Baker has had one submission every two weeks, as is The News’ policy.)

I always read the drivel dreamed up by him, but would never agree with any of his delusions — doing so would mean that we would both be wrong.

I would gather that one of his chief concerns is that the taxpayer ante up the money to pay for everyone’s health care. Having just had a cataract removal that left material in my eye — which then was followed by a vitrectomy (a real bummer) I observed one thing. Most health clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals are operating at full throttle. To provide full government one payer health care would break the bank — if breaking it further is possible.

It would almost be worth it to me to see these die-hard Democrat zombies such as Baker have their taxes put them in the poor house —or the dollar become no more than the paper it is printed on. How he even gets his shoes tied confounds me.

Felton Hudson

St. Simons Island

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