I am a senior and a member of AARP. I do not disapprove of AARP’s support of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade.

My suspicion/hope, as opposed to Tuesday’s writer, is that most seniors do not consider members of the LGBT community to be “un-Godly and immoral”. My experience, after 78 years of living, has been that most seniors have become less judgmental and more tolerant of those with different styles from our own.

I have a niece who is lesbian and a wonderful mother to an amazingly happy, well adjusted child. This woman works with handicapped young people and displays love, kindness, acceptance.

When I think of un-Godly or immoral people, I think of people who demean others and spew hatred and divisiveness with angry rhetoric. I take exception to the writer’s statement that the membership of AARP disapproves of this event.

Generalizations are proving to further divide us at this time in this country. Please be more Godly in your thoughts.

Carol Johnson

St. Simons Island

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