Considering the nature of our current national political malaise, it has become trendy to forget our history. Now we only remember what the revisionists want us to remember. Instead of studying the history of the most important event of our Republic —The War Between The States — the revisionists want to destroy anything commemorating the never to be demonstrated again heroic effort the South waged against an invading military force from the North.

It was refreshing to see Gail Jarvis’s recent tribute to the Lee Family, especially my personal hero, Lt. General Robert E. Lee.

Lee was not merely one of America’s great sons, to me, he was the greatest. He reluctantly signed on to fight against a country he had served many years only after Lincoln initiated the war by replenishing military bases in the new nation — the Confederate States of America. Lee considered the South’s secession entirely legal and would not bear arms against his native state of Virginia.

Lee’s military genius is well known by those who care to study the war. Without Lee’s genius the war would have been very short lived. In Grant’s memoirs, he questioned why the Southern Soldiers continued to fight despite all obviously being lost. His conclusion: they fought not for the South, but for Lee. We would have to look far and wide to find another leader — military or political — whose soldiers would willingly die for. Enough said.

Felton Hudson

St. Simons Island

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