This is my 87th celebration of Advent. Anyone who has ever shared a good Christmas Eve service in the warmth of a Christian community knows that they are onto something that is good for progression of the soul and the future of mankind.

I say this no matter what your faith, or lack thereof. That said, I don’t see how anyone can find fault with folks who pedal peace on earth and good will toward humankind.

If any newspaper dares challenge the current crop of thought police, it will have to be a family-owned newspaper in which personal integrity occasionally is more important than the news by committee being currently foisted upon us by the syndicated media.

That said, I would like to congratulate The Brunswick News for its courage in taking on city hall in 2018. I give you full credit for the stillbirth of a white elephant known as “The Downtown Conference Center.”

Such courage leads me to wish you, yours and all who read this a “Merry Christmas and our Lord’s blessings on all your worthy endeavors in the coming new year.”

Bob Hilton


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