In response to your editorial in today’s newspaper, having started reading The Brunswick News approximately three years ago, your publication is one of the very few newspapers that makes an effort to be balanced and only report on real and what would be considered news. I look forward to reading every morning (although sometimes I do not agree with some of the content, which is just fine). You are almost an anomaly in today’s media world by endeavoring to present the truth as the facts are, not how an organization or a person with an agenda wants to narrate. Sometimes we must wait for more information to unfold and not draw conclusions prematurely.

I have found the people of Brunswick to be really good people. We are multi generational and deep Americans, a real community. Our values are core as traditional Americans. My Mother was a “Kennedy era” old style Democrat, and my Father was a conservative Republican. I understood and respected both for their caring as well as their responsibility orientations. I am a product of both.

However, I am unable to agree with the new so called ‘progressive’ and liberal direction I continue to witness (that was once again exemplified during the Kavanaugh debacle and the huge whole soft coup attempt so many were involved in).

I hope that the direction of The Brunswick News continues to be one of authenticity and a source that can actually be trusted or be given the benefit of the doubt.

Michael Beck

Johns Creek

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