God bless you Rush Limbaugh.

I am writing in response to the wonderful tribute of a life well lived. Thank you, Alan Strihafka, your comments were beautiful. You said exactly what I had been feeling.

My heart was broken and then to pick up The Brunswick News and read that article taken from AP written by an obvious “hack” and member of the “drive by media,” Matt Sedensky. Certainly he never took the time to really listened to Rush, never had a clue of his genius, not to mention his insight into what really was happening in the world.

Rush told us the truth. We learned what true conservatism was, and we were comforted by his words and emboldened to keep fighting for God, family and this beautiful country he loved so much.

I turned on the radio in 1988 and low and behold there was this outrageous, funny, captivating voice, clarifying issues I was struggling with at the time. Rush Limbaugh taught me to be a happy conservative. Thank you Rush, I will miss you every day.

Suzanne Fulton

St. Simons Island

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