Benjamin Franklin had a fairly simple method of making decisions. He listed the pros and cons of the issue and used that list to make informed decisions.

The following is my list of the pros and cons for deciding which way to vote in the mid-term elections. Cons are listed first vs. pros, listed second. This list, with a dash or two of common sense might be helpful. Keep in mind that facts are more reliable than emotion and action/results should be given more credence than talk.

1. Less individual freedom vs. more individual freedom.

2. Higher taxes vs. lower taxes.

3. Flexible morals vs. firm morals.

4. Socialism vs. capitalism.

5. An anemic economy vs. a robust economy.

6. More government regulation vs. less government regulation.

7. Open borders vs. strong border control.

8. Mob rule vs rule of law.

9. Constitution outdated vs. constitution stands as written.

10. Felons and illegal aliens vote vs. citizens with ID vote.

11. Second Amendment diluted or destroyed vs. Second Amendment stands.

It is my fervent hope that the current bitterness and division recede without violence. Those who hold traditional American values cannot forsake those values for comity. To do so would destroy that which has made the United States of America the greatest, free nation the world has ever seen.

Harvey L. Fry


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