The state of our union? We still have political turmoil, thanks largely to a president who acts more like a dictator with each passing week. The GOP and president also ignore the real problems in our country, favoring to create a phony crisis.

There is no crisis at the border. Immigration at the southern border is at an all-time low. We do not need to waste billions on a wall, that mayors and law enforcement and even a republican congressman say is not needed. Instead of wasting taxpayer money, we should invest it in people and equipment that they say they need to do their job better. We also need to fix our immigration laws responsibly, without fear mongering and lies about immigrants.

The lies by Donald about what’s happening at the border should make even his supporters question his fitness to serve.

A majority of Americans do not support this president. A majority of Americans do not support the idea of a wall.

What will it take for Donald and the GOP to listen to Americans? What happened to respecting the will of the people?

The biggest concern of Americans today, and what represents a real impending crisis, is health care.

The GOP and Donald have yet to present a responsible health care plan. The GOP and Donald have also ignored infrastructure and climate change.

Instead, we are debating an imaginary crisis to satisfy one of Donald’s campaign promises. Our democracy is being strained.

Jerrold Dagan

St. Simons Island

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