I think the mendaciousness regarding health care was actually in Mr. Kilgore’s letter of Jan. 8.

Many people through no fault of their own have conditions that denied them health insurance until companies were forced to provide coverage under the Affordable Care Act. I have to assume the writer knew no one with such a condition or couldn’t have cared less if he did.

Some of us know of working people who, because of one illness and insufficient coverage, ended up out of work and bankrupt. It is truly ignorant to believe that we don’t all pay for those with or without insurance in the cost of our insurance coverage and the cost of our health care.

Even from a purely financial point of view, it is preferable to pay for health care that keeps people healthy and working than having people disabled from preventative disease or bankrupted from one hospitalization.

Health care in the U.S. is a national issue and needs to be addressed as such. There are some parts of the ACA which should be updated, but a return to companies making health care unattainable and unaffordable is not acceptable.

Prior to the ACA, insurance companies routinely denied procedures and set maximum amounts of coverage to maximize profit. Under the ACA the health care industry has flourished. You need only look to our own hospital to see the impact in our town of increase jobs in medicine, related fields and construction.

I like, Ms. Gibbons, prefer to keep moving forward, not return to the inefficient past.

Carolyn Colvin


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