After reading Mr. Buckner’s letter on Saturday regarding the “fatal mix of distraction,” I just had to respond.

Illegal use of cellphones and aggressive driving seem to top the list. All around the busy areas and intersections in Brunswick you can just sit and watch violation after violation of these laws and never see any of them pulled over. Use of the cellphone while driving seems to be OK with the police, although it is against the law. I have never seen one pulled over.

These lawbreakers are all over Brunswick, but St. Simons is totally out of control. I am told that there is so much political influence on St. Simons that the police are literally scared of the perpetrators. Who are they afraid of in Brunswick and the rest of Glynn County?

I am thinking that someone can give me a good answer as to why these crimes are rampant as these violations are seen in all types and age groups.

I am not advocating making a lot of money by writing tickets. I am just asking that these people be pulled over and talked to at the least. Lots of people probably don’t even know that it is illegal to improperly use the cellphones while driving.

“Yelling and loudly laughing” into their phones in stores and restaurants, etc., is pure downright indecent. Yes it is the replacement of concern for others in a shared society with the all-consuming sense of self.

Bob Tatum


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