As a young USMC officer candidate my senior DI-Platoon Sergeant had me stand in front of his desk at one or two in the morning with an 80-pound log straddling my shoulders as he discussed leadership with me. He did the talking, I listened. The chats lasted one to three hours. I remember many of the things he said, however, one principle has resonated for almost 40 years.

“You are responsible for what your Marines do or fail to do.”

He was talking about taking responsibility for my decisions and being accountable for the results.

One absolute in our country is the trend to sidestep responsibility for misdeeds and thereby avoid accountability for that misbehavior. We see it in the school systems, criminal justice system and worse of all in politics.

Those involved in the Russian collusion hoax should be responsible for their treacherous politics, held accountable and prosecuted.

Folks who allege hate crime attacks that turnout to be a hoax should be held responsible and made accountable for their injurious lies and prosecuted.

Politicians who spread vile innuendo and hate in order to destroy an individual’s personal and professional life to placate their constituents should be held to the highest standards of responsibility and accountability and dealt with appropriately.

Let’s teach and demonstrate to our kids the leadership principles of taking responsibility for our decisions and being accountable for the outcomes. They are as crucial to our nation’s future as reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.

Frank Klonoski

St. Simons Island

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