Mr. Davis’s letter to the editor published Wednesday regarding NFL players kneeling during the national anthem was completely wrong, with the exception of “...the athletes right to take a knee...” That is a protected form of free speech under the constitution. The constitution protects against governmental intrusion.

President Trump can voice his opinion all he wants, no matter how vile you may think it. It’s also protected under the same amendment you cite for the NFL players. It is not illegal for the president to voice his opinion as you stated. The opinion may have consequences however. An employer such as the NFL owner may impose a morality clause, or insist that players stand during the anthem. Completely legal, no abridgment of rights. It’s a condition of employment. Your choice as an employee is to abide by it or find another job. The employers choice is to allow it or fire you.

I’m hoping the NFL takes a stronger stand for the anthem than they did against domestic abuse, drug use, or any other number of criminal behaviors by the players. Our choice as fans and former fans of football is to decline to purchase tickets or watch the NFL on TV, a boycott of sorts. It’s time to remind them that they get paid huge money to play a game, that’s it.

William Johnson


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