On Wednesday, the Brunswick City Commission will vote on the proposed Glynn Avenue Overlay plan. Because the city does not consider this to be a rezoning, no notifications have been sent to the owners of property who will be affected by the overlay. The area covered by the overlay district includes property fronting on Lanier Boulevard. The proposed overlay includes several restrictions on future development which are overly restrictive. There are detailed rules specifying minimum and maximum setbacks, maximum lot sizes, minimum ceiling height, maximum building height and permitted wall and roof materials. In addition, the ordinance states that property adjoining the marsh and creeks is a public resource and forbids any development on some properties on the marsh or creek so that nothing could be built within 45 feet of the marsh, including patios or decks. The reasoning of the planners is that they want to have a public walkway or trail along the marsh. This would establish a dangerous precedent, which could later be applied to all other properties on the marsh or creeks within the city. I urge all interested persons to become familiar with the proposed plan and to attend the meeting to make your opinions known.

Douglas Adams


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