Our problems are moral, they are global and our future must be creatively imagined. We are living inside a story called the Early 21st Century. The Late Century will be marked by its spirituality because around mid-century all the deficits are coming due, and not just deficits of resources and trillions, but of intelligence, compassion, faith and morality. It could mean extinction.

If we take our eyes off the corrupt system presently flying apart around us and begin to look around for a system that could sustain us, we might come up with an improvement upon the soulless market beast that presently destroys us.

There is a dimension of existence that does not involve material things, where our imagination — some call it faith — lives.

The future system will need to be something not too socialist and not too nationalist because those caused the industrial-scale slaughter seen in the 20th Century.

And it will need to include spiritual, ethical and community dimensions because it turns out we are not machines but organisms. Our grandparents are looking over our shoulder to see what we will do with their suffering.

The purpose of human systems is to reduce human struggle. That’s it. If it doesn’t lessen human suffering, then why are we making it or buying it or doing it? This moment is the past meeting the possible.

We must collaborate our way out of this. Our problems are moral, and they are global, and our future must be creatively imagined.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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